Discovering Essential Oils With the Help of Materials From Life Science Products and Publishing

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Materials from Life Science Products and Publishing explain the broad range of uses for essential oils. Some of the fragrances are very familiar to most people while others are obscure. Most individuals can probably identify the scent of lilac or cinnamon, for instance, but will have a tougher time with copaiba or myrrh. The individual who is new to essential oils might want to purchase a starter kit with an array of oils, which will help get the person acquainted with their use.


These substances also are called volatile oils, but the word “essential” is particularly appropriate. The idea is that the oil represents the essence of the plant from which it is extracted. Acquiring these oils usually is done through steam distillation, or cold pressing or another type of oil expression.

Aromatherapy and Topical Use

Aromatherapy with these oils is typically used for emotional support, specific positive effects on mental processes and support for physical health. Some oils have positive effects on skin, such as healing minor rashes, killing fungal infections and providing anti-inflammatory effects. Most essential oils cannot be applied without diluting them, however, as they are so strong and can actually irritate skin. Diluting an essential oil can be done with oil from seeds, nuts, and vegetables.

Learning the Uses

If someone wants to derive certain effects from aromatherapy, it’s essential to learn which scents are most beneficial for those purposes. Even if someone loves the smell of peppermint, for instance, the fragrance is not generally recommended for use as a relaxation enhancer or sleep aid. Instead, mint scents tend to be invigorating and boost alertness. For relaxation and stress relief, experts recommend scents like lavender, rose, and chamomile.

An Example

Research has found that the aroma of bergamot oil is effective for reducing anxiety in the workplace among individuals who feel stressed. An employee may not be allowed to have an essential oil diffuser unless he or she works solo in a closed office since not everyone will agree on a scent they like. Nevertheless, this person might choose to carry a handkerchief with a dab of bergamot oil to rely on discreetly.